Facebook Ads management service

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Our services include

  • Facebook Ads management;
  • Ad copy creation;
  • Designing ads.

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    Why RK Media?

    We aim to offer you the most profitable digital marketing service by taking your business as a whole. We know that there is more beyond the ads we make and what's most important - some of the best conversion improvements we've done have come from fixing basic, but critical problems.

    Laser focus

    When we set a goal, we don't want to mindlessly grind it. We are always seeking most efficient ways to reach our aims.


    We are a Scandinavian company with a robust and traditional approach to business. We enjoy working with people who are straight-forward and not afraid of critique.


    Great things (and results) in life require hard work and patience. Sometimes it is important to take a step back before taking a big leap forward.

    Facebook Ads Management service includes:

    Advertising strategy

    To truly measure results and effectiveness of advertising campaigns it is important to see the whole picture. People sometimes forget the key activities that got them to success.

    Conversion tracking

    We setup Facebook pixel on your website to collect valuable data and form remarketing audiences.

    Split testing

    We test demographics, age groups, interests, behaviors using many different tactics and marketing psychology.

    Creating ad copy

    We create compelling copy that speaks to your audience and shifts them toward taking action.

    Optimizing campaigns

    Scaling campaigns isn't as easy as raising the budget - there are many factors that come into play. That's where we come in.