Google Ads management service

Landing page optimization, CRO and more.

Trust your Google Ads to certified experts.

We see digital advertising as an integrated cycle:

  • For ads to be effective, the sales offer has to be good.
  • Sales offer has to be presented well on the landing page.
  • Landing page must be optimized to carry the message.


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    Why should we choose RK Media?


    We are a Scandinavian company with a very robust and traditional approach to business. We enjoy working with people who are straight-forward and not afraid of critique.


    We are constantly working to improve effectiveness of our operations. Our main goal is to allocate as much time as possible to tasks that make a difference.


    Do you happen to have different ideas? We are open to learning new skills and expanding our reach. In this constantly improving field we cannot afford to stay in place.

    Google Ads Management Service components

    Expanding keywords

    Strategically expanding and finding new converting keywords.

    Conversion rate optimization

    We analyse your whole online sales cycle to find more effective ways to raise your conversion rate.

    Raising relevancy

    We work in a way where every ad is precisely targeted. In this way, we have more control over our budget and CTR stays higher.

    Optimized ad copy

    We constantly A/B split test to find best performing ad copy.

    Flexible time-schedule

    Do you have a very critical project at hand? We can operate on holidays and weekends if necessary.